4 Must-haves When Organizing a Baby Shower

4 Must-haves When Organizing a Baby Shower

A lot of expectant mothers are looking forward to holding that little bundle joy on their hands. But before that, they must do some preps to ensure that all baby essentials are complete and prepared. To lessen the stress of buying and scouting for these baby basics, friends and relatives often organized baby showers.

If you are tasked to organize a baby shower, these essentials should be on top of your list:


  1. Food

The food doesn’t have to be too formal for the guest’s taste. Since this is a fun occasion so make the food and snacks fun as well. If you are having a hard time making the main course a little fun, then give the snacks a try. You can have baby-shaped cookies or cupcake that have baby-themed on it. Serve drinks on fun containers like baby bottles and sipping cups. And do not forget the cake. Bake the cake the night before the event or order them two days before the event and have them delivered to the event venue.


  1. Decoration

Decorations plays a big part on the event as it sets the mood of the get. It would be best to start with a theme or concept and based your decors with that. No need to stick with the generic blue or pink. You can use other colors to veer away from the usual baby shower tone. Be sure that all the elements on the party corresponds with the theme. This would give the whole event consistency.


  1. Flowers

Flowers are not usual baby shower thing but it wouldn’t hurt to add some on the design. It would give the venue a refreshing look and can also be some good giveaways for the guests. You can also give the expectant mom a bouquet of flowers to honor her on the event. Contact your flower delivery Dubai shop and ask for a flower arrangement fit for a baby shower. You don’t have to stick with just flowers, but you can have your florist include other elements like teddy bears, chocolates, or care packages. Be creative when it comes to bouquets.


  1. Gift sets

The essence of the having a baby shower to help would-be moms on the start of their motherhood journey. The guests would probably bring their own gifts. But as an event highlight, you can include newborn baby girl gift baskets as a starting gift for the would-be mom. This can include a hamper full of baby essentials like baby bottles, romper suits, baby blankets, and toys. You can personalize your own gift basket but you can also buy a complete set on the store or online.