Simple Tips On Protecting Your CCTV Recordings

Simple Tips On Protecting Your CCTV Recordings

Your CCTV footage is essential for your security system. Since you are not always around to guard your premises, you can always check the footages for something suspicious. And it can also serve as hard evidence and proof to show on court when a crime is committed at your premises.

However, these footages can also be compromised if you are not keen on making sure that your system is protected as well. If you are beefing up your security system, be sure to include these guidelines to protect those sensitive security files.

  • Have a trusted personnel man the central security unit

The human factor still plays a crucial role on maintaining your premises’ security system. These personnel will be the ones to implement the security policies and have man the main security room. So be sure that you are employing a trusted team to handle such sensitive tasks.

When forming a security team, be sure that you cover all the bases in terms of recruitment. An in-depth background check is needed to see the security personnel’s capability and his trustworthiness. It would be best if you can personally talk to the applicant so you can see for yourself if they are worthy.


  • Change password regularly

Security companies who offer CCTV installation in Dubai include modern security system on their packages. This modern system would include access to the system and overall security recordings. Be sure to change the password regularly to prevent familiarization of password and from the password being passed to unauthorized personnel.


And when doing some password change, do not use common and easily-guessed password. It would be best to go for random passwords that are hard to memorize. Lastly, limit the number of personnel whom you will give access to the whole system.


  • Save recordings on cloud

Modern security system are already taking advantage of the cloud technology and you should do the same. The traditional and old security system still saves recordings on tapes and CD. These old formats can get lost or misplaced. To ensure that you have copies of every CCTV recordings, include saving and backing up your security files on cloud. By saving the files in cloud, you can be sure that you have complete copies of your CCTV videos and you can also pull out the file whenever you want to.


  • Upgrade the security of your security system

You security system, especially the modern ones, is also prone to hacking. These hackers can find a way to hack and penetrate the system and compromise your security system. Be sure to do some upgrade on your system and put some added protection like spyware and firewall. With these precaution, you are lessening the chances of your system getting compromise by outside entity.


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