What To Expect When Going Through A Breast Augmentation Treatment

What To Expect When Going Through A Breast Augmentation Treatment

Having  well-endowed breasts can be an advantage for some women. For one, it can boost their self-confidence as the surgery can give patients fuller and shapelier breasts. It can also help patients to be more fashion forward as they can try on clothes and apparel that can enhance their body shape.

But before they get to that point, they need to take the necessary steps to improve the look and the shape of their breasts. Getting a treatment for breast enlargement in Dubai is one solution. Also called as breast augmentation, patients will go under the procedure to enhance the appearance and size of their breast. However, would-be patients would need to manage their expectations before going under the knife for breast augmentation. Here are some things you need to expect when getting this cosmetic treatment:

  • There are inherent risks


Breast augmentation treatment offered by a top-notch cosmetic clinic in Dubai is generally safe, especially if the patients have no medical complications or issues before the surgery. But all surgical procedure has its inherent risks. You need to consult with your physician and surgeon about this. Knowing the possible risks would help you weigh in whether you are pushing through with the procedure or not.

  • Longer recovery period


If you went through a major surgical procedure, whether for medical or cosmetic purposes, you will be advised to take some time off to heal and recover. For patients who will undergo a breast augmentation procedure, the standard recovery period is two weeks to three months, depending on the result of the surgery. Be prepared for this period. Your doctor will give you a list of dos and don’ts, so be sure to follow them to a letter. The recovery period will also depend on how the patient will take care of herself post-surgery.


  • You need to go back for future procedures


Breast implants are known to last for years. But there are instances when the patient would need to go back to do more rounds of surgery. It can be to fix a leak, malposition, sagging, or correct some scarring issues. Doctors always advise their patients to consult with them should they feel something is wrong after the procedure.


  • It will look and feel different


Once the patient is healed and recovered, she will immediately notice the difference. The breast may also feel different. Doctors and surgeons said that most patients experience this phase as part of their transformation. It might get a little getting used to but it is for the better.